Hand Cut Films - portfolio of Eliot Z Galan - video artist and miracle worker.
Film.Tv.Video - I have been making films and videos since 1999, beginning with the WTO protests in Seattle, and editing full-time since 2006, working with many of Vancouver's leading production companies. My most recent accomplishment was a two-year stint at Paperny Entertainment, where I worked on five tv shows (a total of 45 episodes) as Colourist and Online Editor. Technical proficiency aside, I am first and foremost a storytelling artist, who has done it all from features to shorts to music videos, documentary to comedy to drama. :: Versatile. Creative. Reputable.
Photography.Imaging - I collaborate with people and our environment to cultivate magical moments. At times I experiment with timed exposures to enhance lighting and movement. Other times I focus on suspending stillness and the sublime. Regardless of my various techniques, I consider myself a purist. The intent is for my shots to jump off the page, to say something indomitable, to capture the true essence of my subjects. The world around me is too beautiful for words. That is why I take photos.
One day I will find the time to present a central repository of my works. I am currently standing in the middle of the cereal aisle of technology, awestruck by infinite choice and artificial ingredients.